Area 3, otherwise known as Green Mountain, is the main spawn area in the Outer Ring. Explorers and new players spawn here when they join the game. It's an open edits area, meaning Spawn Editors can edit 0-100 manymeter of spawn and have permanent placements beyond 300 Manymeter.

Being the main spawn location, Area 3 is by far the largest and most populated area in the game.

The look of Area 3 is constantly changing and evolving. As it is the most active area in the game, players like to place their creations in this area for everyone to see. A few things remain consistent, however, the main one being the titular 'Green Mountain', made up entirely of Philipp's own grass blocks. The mountain usually has a waterfall running down it, and on top of it is usually a tree with the face of Whispy Woods from the Kirby series.

Area 3 is the one area that is ever regularly decorated for the holidays. Occasionally, the normal green tileset will be replaced with slightly altered variations representing certain seasons like spring, winter and fall.

Other Structures

Outside of the main mountain itself, Area 3 houses a few other well-known and longstanding structures, which players have mutually agreed deserve to stay there.

The Pirate Ship

Sitting next to the mountain itself is a large, floating pirate ship, filled with moving NPCs and nautically themed objects.

The Creation Showcase

Between the mountain and the pirate ship is a collection of small platforms where players are allowed to place interesting objects that they have created and/or placed. This is as well the usual location of the 'Look What I Made' writable, which serves the same purpose.
Creation showcase

King's Temple

King's Temple is a tall, blue-ish white temple built by user 'King'. It sits just left of the spawn area and doesn't have much in it outside of some well-drawn architecture and decoration.

Area 3 House

The Area 3 House is a large house built in the far upper left of the spawn area. The front of the house usually contains several (Very) Big Thing paintings made by different users. The rest of the house includes a theatre stage; a small kitchen and living room; a dining area, and a bedroom. 

The back of the house is frequently unfinished or has an odd structure as it cuts off just at the block limit between Rank 5 and free placements.