Big Things are a category of non-solid objects that behave similarly to Things but with larger dimensions of 38x38 pixels.


Back + Front

Back + Front objects are made up of two cells; the first cell appears behind the player, and the second in front. It can be made climbable from the editor options menu.


Transforming objects can be composed of up to four cells. Once placed, they change from one cell to the next after a customizable time interval. Time can be entered in seconds, minutes, or hours, with a minimum time interval of 1 second and a maximum of 8,544 hours. Start point, whether the cycle repeats, visual effects, and placement can be changed in the editor options menu. Certain objects may be added to the Transforming object, to be given to the player during the sequence.

Very Big Thing

As the name suggests, Very Big Things are similar to the default Big Thing, but with a larger canvas size of 57x57 pixels. Placement and visual effects can be changed in the options menu.