Bodies are object types in which change the skin/avatar of the player. You will start out with an "explorer body", but you can create or find one in the world to wear. Stockpile is one of the most well know worlds for collecting bodies to wear or edit.

Creation DetailsEdit

Size: 29x29 (Medium

Borders required to touch: 0, but needs good visibilty. (There will be a warning, if it's not.)

Rotated with right click? No

Flipped with right click? No

Body ActionsEdit

Body objects have 9 cells or frames for the different actions that a player takes. They are described at the bottom left of the editor. Some are used for multiple things. Blinking for when the window is defocused, walking for swimming, and climbing for crafting.

Body action

Body Actions

From left to right are actions of:

  1. Stand
  2. Walk
  3. Jump
  4. Fall
  5. Climb
  6. Create (When you are creating new objects)
  7. Sit (When you are sitting down, on a chair etc.)
  8. Blink (For this cell, only re-draw the part different from "Stand") 
  9. Talk (For this cell, only re-draw the part different from "Stand") 

Motions Edit

Motions can be added to bodies so they can wave, do a trick, or emit. You can use motions when you create a body and click "change".

Tutorials of Creating BodiesEdit

Godiva's Custom Body Video Tutorial (Uploaded on May 13, 2014)

Manyland Tutorial Creating a Custom Body26:17

Manyland Tutorial Creating a Custom Body

Godiva's Monster Body Video Tutorial (Uploaded on Oct. 20, 2013)

Manyland Making a Monster Costume14:52

Manyland Making a Monster Costume

Royal521's Body tutorial

Manyland Tutorial- How to create a body and motions!13:50

Manyland Tutorial- How to create a body and motions!

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