In Manyland, you can say chat commands to make certain things happen or to go somewhere. Some only work in areas where you're on the editor's list, and not in open edits areas. Most commands require the use of an exclamation mark (!)

Here is a list of available chat commands:


Command Function Where it can be said
to someplace Takes you to another area or sub-area where someplace is the name of the destination. Anywhere
explorify! Puts you in the perspective of a non-editor. Sparkles will briefly appear at the spawn point (0 Manymeter). Areas where you are editor
make things slower! Disables optimisations that may have been enabled if your frame rate is low. Gradients or dust may not show if you have a low refresh rate, but saying this makes them reappear. Anywhere
mystates! Shows all the states Interactings set for you. Areas where you are editor
myspeed! Shows a window with your last measured FPS and latency, and other information. Anywhere
theyare somestate! Sets a state for yourself where somestate is the name of the state. Areas where you are editor
theyarent somestate! Removes a state for yourself where somestate is the name of the state. Areas where you are editor
dontpossess somename! Removes a possession from your possessions bar. Saying dontpossess *! removes everything. Areas where you are editor
camlock! Locks the camera into position, stopping it from shifting Anywhere
myversion! (NOW DEV-ONLY) Shows the current version of Manyland. It is now developer-only due to it being used for client-side scripting purposes. Anywhere


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