Chilling Zone is an area in Manyland! You can visit it here:


  1. Driift*
  2. Yoshiman716*
  3. Bunny*
  4. Lazari*
  5. Joongle*
  6. Philipp*
  7. Ecopanda
  8. Parallax
  9. Jacob
  10. CandyGamer
  11. The Inner Ring
  12. Sping Trap
  13. Withered Bonnie
  14. Masky
  15. Alius
  16. Little Engerd Pup
  17. The Artist Plox


Chilling Zone was once a beautiful grassland where many Manyzens resided, but as the years went on, it began to turn into a freezing cold, ice-age type of place. People died due to the temperatures and this caused Chilling Zone to become abandoned. Now however, Driift, Yoshiman716, and many other people are reviving Chilling Zone and making it just as popular as it used to be! (Please note that Chilling Zone was always built as an ice age area in the actual game, this is just a made-up backstory by the editors)

Years later after Chilling Zone's revival, a mysterious mansion appeared above the zone and it lifted the zone up to the sky, causing it to become a floating island. Manyzens have investigated the mansion, but everyone who has gone in, has never come out. They are presumed dead by Chilling Zone's owners.

A few months later, a Christmas lodge was built by Driift and Yoshiman (now known as Yoshipenguin1) to the left of the mansion where Manyland Santa now resides. The lodge opens every December.

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