The controls for iPad are a little different. The controls are stated below.

Movement and ChatEdit

You can use either the arrow keys, arrows on the numpad (with Num Lock off, of course), or W, A, S, and D to move. The only difference is that it may take some getting used to using W,A,S,D with the chat interface. To chat, you simply start typing and the words show up above your head. and then drift off until they disappear. There is no chat log so anything you say is gone forever after it is said. 

If you are using W, A, S, D to move, and if you are "stuck" in chat, just hold down one of W, A, S, D and you will start moving and leave the chat mode. It would be much easier to use the up, left, down, right controls as you will not get "stuck" in the chat.

Placing, Collecting, and DeletingEdit

To place an object from your inventory, simply drag it from the inventory and drop it in the world. You can also pick up an object from the world and drop it in a new place to make another copy.

To collect an object, simply drag it to any inventory tab and it will be added to your collections tab. You can then use it later. There is no limit to how many objects you can collect. Collected objects are placed before the object you dropped it on in your collections inventory tab. BUT HOW DO YOU GET IT OUT OF INVENTORY??????? You just drag it to the bottom of the inventory. There will be an icon shaped as a trashcan. just drop it in there and you won't have it anymore.

To delete an object from the world, simply hold Control on your keyboard (Command on Mac) and click the object. To delete an object from your inventory, do the same. If you wish to delete one of your own creations, you will have to make sure that there are none of that object in the world and that no one else has a copy of it in their collections. To find out how many of an object are in the world or in other players inventories, read in the next section.

Object Information WindowEdit

If you right click on an object, there is information regarding that object presented in a bubble. The information is as follows:

  • An arrow depicting the rotation of the object
  • The name of the object
  • The type of object
  • The creator of the object with a clickable name that brings you to the profile for that player
  • The placer of the object with the same type of link
  • A count of the number of times this object has been collected and a list of the first three and last one of players who have collected them
  • An estimate of the number of this object that has been placed in the universe
  • (On the right) The close button
  • (On the right) A flag button to flag an object as being very offensive to alert the developers

Player Profile WindowEdit

If you click or right-click a player including yourself you will be presented with a player profile window bubble. The information on another player if almost exactly the same as the information for yourself. The information is as follows:

  • The developer/backer symbol (some sort of face, or sideways 'B' that is yellow) next to the side of the player's name
  • The player's current display name
  • A visual list of the four most placed objects that the player created
  • (On the right) A close button [which, as always, is an X]
  • (On the right, and only appears if the person is not you) "+My Friends" button to add the player to your friends list. When they are on your friends list, you can see when they are online and get a finder to them. They can also build in your comfort zone around you. On your own profile there is instead a button that takes you to your friends list (also F1)
  • (On the right) There is a "block" button that allows you to block someone from making a finder compass to you. It also makes their speech appear to you as "........"'s.
  • (On the right) A button that takes you to you to their album of public snapshots. On your profile this is replaced with a button that takes you to your snapshot album (also F2)
  • (Yours only, on the right) A button to change your default body from a list of randomly generated bodies. Click the refresh button to get a new list of random bodies.
  • (Yours only, on the right) A button to change your screen name. You can do this at any time and with any appropriate name.
  • (Yours only, on the right) A manual "Logout" link
  • (At the bottom) A count of how many objects have been placed by that player (Only shown in large increments)
  • (At the bottom) How many days since a player first logged on to Manyland

Friends List [F1]Edit

You can reach the friends list by hitting the F1 key or clicking your avatar and clicking "My Friends...". This friends list shows you a list of links to your friends' player profiles, as well as when they were last online. If they are online, it will show how far away they are if they are in the same general Area as well as a "Find" button to lead you to them (or warps you to the Area they are in if they are not in your current area, excluding the Inner and Outer Ring). If they aren't in your current Area, it will say "In Inner/Outer Ring".

You can scroll down using either the scroll wheel, or the arrow buttons.

If they are unfindable, you now have the option to "ping" the to your'e location if they're active and on.

Snapshot Album [F2]Edit

Much like the friends list you can get to the snapshot album by clicking your avatar and clicking the snapshot album button or by hitting the F2 key. The album shows one snapshot at a time and can be scrolled through using a scroll wheel or the arrow buttons. 

If they are in your own profile, you can teleport to them by clicking on them or the button depicting a person jumping. Otherwise there are three other buttons. The button with the person and the dotted line will show a compass on your screen letting you know how far and what direction to the snapshot. The top right icon on the snapshot will link to the screenshot of the snapshot as when it was taken. The top left button ("...") will bring the same menu used to take the snapshot. Here you can uncheck a snapshot to delete it or check or uncheck the "others see it in my profile" box.

Bottom Left MenuEdit

In the bottom left of the screen there is an arrow shaped button that will open a menu that has a few options. The first is a button to take a snapshot.

The second, "Paste" button, will paste a url in the chat that other players can click to go to the link. Currently, there are only two types of links that work with this feature. Youtube links will take you to the Youtube video page. Soundcloud links will actually play the song from Soundcloud in the area near you. You can opt out of hearing a song by unchecking the music checkbox at the bottom of the inventory window. Alternately, you can use CTRL+V (Or Command+V on a Mac)

The next is the news button which will link to the official Manyland Info page. This then links to the official, Twitter, Facebook, and email subscriptions. <Update: The news button now opens up a window which displays updates made by either Scott and/or Philipp. When Scott and/or Philipp updates Manyland with a new feature, a green circle appears on the arrow which opens the bottom left menu with a different number on it depending on how long it has been since you opened the news window, and all the latest updates will be in green until the next time you open the news window.>

The next is your citizenship information. This will bring up the citizen screen with information about your pending or existing citizenship. But, however, if the logged-in player is R4 (Rank 4), this button will bring up the Citizenship Quiz. If all answers before the final part (where you must type "I will do good in Manyland") were correct, you will pass the quiz and be upranked to R5 (Rank 5).

The next button (above the "turn off music" button) is the "WRITABLES" button. This will bring up a window which appears on the top left side of the screen, where you can access Writables that are at (or near the top of any sidebar tab if there are multiple Writables up top) the top of any sidebar tab, whether it be in your Collection tab, your Creation tab, or even your Search tab. (This feature was added on September 11, 2014.)

The next is the "MUTE" button, which will turn off all sound in Manyland until you refresh the page.

The last is the "HELP" button, which will link to the Manyland Info/FAQ page.

To the right of this menu is the "MEET" button that will give you a compass to the nearest Ring Portal. This can be useful if you are lost or are looking for other players as other players sometimes hang around these portals.

Snapshot Window [F4]Edit

You can take a snapshot to save a screenshot or location by either using the button in the bottom left menu or by hitting the F4 key. A window will appear showing the screenshot that you have taken as well as a link to the location the snapshot was taken and the link for the screenshot itself. The snapshot link can be used in Pointers to create taxis out of Mountables or Flying Mountables that you can ride to the location that the snapshot was taken. The screenshot link can be used outside of the game like any screenshot.

There is an "add to album" button that can be checked and unchecked (in case you want to delete it). There is also an "Others see it in my profile" checkbox. This will allow others to view it in your profile under the album button.

Inventory PanelEdit

The inventory panel on the right shows all of your creations as well as others that you have collected. There are three "tabs" at the top of the inventory. The collections tab, the creation tab, and the search tab.

The collections tab is where you keep all of your objects that you have collected from the world. When you drag an object to it, it is placed above the object that you hover over before you drop it. You can delete an object from your collections tab at any time by either dragging it to the bottom of the inventory window to the trash bin icon or by CTRL+left-clicking it (Command+Click on a Mac). You can scroll through the collections tab with either the arrows on the right or the scroll wheel.

The creation tab is where you keep your own creations and create new ones. There is a button at the top of this tab that opens up the creator. You can also drag an object that you have created to the create button to clone it and open the editor. You can scroll through the creation tab with either the arrows on the right or the scroll wheel.

The search tab allows you to search the name or type of your objects that are in the collections tab and creation tab.

If you are Rank 5, you can temporarily hide the inventory by hitting F10 on your keyboard.

Search for "in bin" to get find that were removed.

Touch Controls Edit

The controls on a mobile device is different from the controls on a desktop. In order to move around, there are arrows on the bottom of the screen for moving left, right, and up, as well as an option to press down. These have all the same abilities as the desktop controls. The circle on the bottom of the screen is equivalent to that of the spacebar. The side bar is still on the right side. Placing things are exactly the same. However, you can only rotate objects on the Safari and Google app, as well as the Manyland app on the iPad. It does not work on the iPhone or iPod, unless you are on the Safari and/or Google app.

For the iPhone and the iPod, it is recommended to not go to extremely crowded places such as the Stockpile or 3, as it will get immensely laggy. It works well on the iPad, however.

Creation EditorEdit

To get to the Creation Editor (a.k.a. Creator, Editor, Pixel Editor, Object Creator) simply click the create button on the second tab in the inventory window. This is where you create objects. (There is a lot of information on the editor so it has its own page.)

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