To get to the Creation Editor (a.k.a. Creator, Editor, Pixel Editor, Object Creator) simply click the create button on the second tab in the inventory window. This is were you create objects.

There is a palette of 11 colors and a transparent one that you can change at any time by either double clicking a color or clicking the color picker icon below it. This will open up the color picker that has 19 hues or colors with variants of value, saturation, and brightness. The other colors you have picked during this session with the editor will show up on this picker as black dots.

By default, the left click is selected on the first color in your palette and the right click is the erasing transparent color. You can left click on a color or the transparency to select it for left click and right click for the same function. The current color for left click has a small border around it and the right click has an "R" in it.

T the bottom there is a place to put the name, and a selector for the type of object. Below that, there is a preview of the object on a color rotating background, another type and subtype selector, and the check button to save the object. The subtype selector also has any other options for the type selected.

You can pick a color from the palette or anywhere on the screen (including existing objects in the world) by holding CTRL and clicking the color (Command on Mac). This will change the selected color on the palette to that color.

You can fill an area in your creation by holding ALT on your keyboard and clicking.

If you are missing something such as a border requirement or a name or type, the editor will buzz and show in red the things you are missing and sometimes give you information about what you need. You can check some requirements for the type selected with CTRL+U (Command+U on Mac).

Advanced OptionsEdit

At the top left of the editor, there is a small button that opens up a list of advanced options for the editor.

The first of these is an undo button that can also be used with CTRL+Z (Command+Z on a Mac). This fuction can only go back 20 actions.

The next is a button to "clone old" that works much like dragging to the create button (also "O" on the keyboard). You can clone old from the search tab as long as it is your own creation or it has the "clonable" attribute.

The next is a tool to turn symmetry on and off (also "S" on the keyboard). This makes it to where you can draw on one side of the editor and it gets copied to the other side.

The view tiled button shows a preview of the current cell randomly on a gray background to preview your work.

The next two items (Hue and Hue (one)) have the functionality of a Hue/Saturation/Brightness slider but in a simple to work interface ("H" and "N" keyboard shortcuts). The first brings up a window to change the colors of your palette in increments. The options are [Reset] (to reset to previous colors), darker, brighter, +red, +green, +blue, +cyan, +magenta, +yellow, -saturation, and +saturation. There is also a checkbox to change the stregth of the change. Click the close "x" at the top right when you are done. The "Hue (one)" button does the same thing but only for your selected color.

The next three can mirror, flip, and rotate the current cell. Keyboard shortcuts for these are "M", "F", and "R".

The next is not a button but a reminder of the keyboard shortcut for moving the entire canvas (CTRL+ the arrow keys (Command+ arrow keys on Mac)). The whole cell moves and even shows back up on the opposite side when moved.

The next button lowers the opacity of the selected color between four different opacities including solid (keyboard shortcut is "T"). If you wish to make it solid again, simply keep pressing the button or "T".

The next two are for copying and pasting an entire cell to another cell (CTRL+C and CTRL+V (Command+C and Command+V on a Mac)). This can also be used to copy a single cell from one object to another.

The next button will clear the canvas but not your palette, name, or type (Delete key).

The last will clear everything like a new creation (CTRL+Delete (Command+Delete on a Mac)).

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