This FAQ is an edited version of Godiva's New User FAQ on Reddit. Thanks, Godiva!

Frequently Asked QuestionsEdit

Q: It's my first time logging in. Where am I?

A: Congratulations! You were born on the Outer Ring, in Area 3 or what is sometimes called Green Mountain.

Q: What's the Outer Ring ?

A: In Manyland there is an Outer Ring , and an Inner Ring . Each ring is separated by infinite space (or "minfinity"). There are eight cities on Outer Ring. Each City has a Portal which can take you to the Inner Ring. From Inner Ring, you can access every Outer Ring city. You must be Ring Rank to build in the Inner Ring.

Q: Could I build a bridge to Inner Ring from Outer Ring? Or Build a road from Second city to Third city?

A: No. Each Ring, and each Area/City, is separated by an infinite amount of space. You could never feasably build across the rings or cities. The Inner Ring actually connects all the Outer Ring portals.

Q: Infinite space?

A: Yes! You will never encounter artificial borders or edges. There will never be a start or an end!

Q: What's the point of the game?

A: To have fun and be safe!

Q: What am I supposed to do?

A: Whatever you wish! The main features right now are Collecting, Creating, Building, and Exploring. (Addendum: Manyland is what some would call an "open goal" game. You create your own goals and do whatever you find enjoyable in the game by yourself or with others!) Also you can create pixel art for others to look at and use it for decor.

Q: How do I change my name and avatar?

A: Click or right-click yourself. When you first start out you can select your avatar from a random selection. There is an arrow underneath the selections to refresh your choices. You could also change it by either going to a place with bodies like Stockpile or you could make your own via the create menu.

Q: How do I rank-up to Rank 5?

A: In Manyland we don't have experience points. You increase your rank by having actual experiences. Go out and play the game! Remember to Collect, Create, Build, & Explore. Meet new people and make some friends. While you do need upvotes from citizens to advance to Rank 5, asking for them is generally frowned upon. You'll rank up automatically just by playing the game and being a good citizen. It isn't time based, some players will reach Rank 5 in one day, others in a week. It depends on your playstyle and what you like to do. Logging in and staying AFK will not rank you up faster. (NOTE: You can no longer obtain Ring Rank. Ranks and citizenship status has been removed.)

Q: Is everything user generated?

A: Everything is hand drawn using the in-game Creator and hand placed, block by block.

Q: How come the blocks I'm mining/digging aren't showing up in my inventory?

A: Because mining and digging aren't features of this game. You're actually deleting those blocks from the world. If you see something you'd like to collect, just drag it to your inventory. That way you will have a copy for yourself and it will still remain in the world.

Q: I don't like to draw. Can I still build stuff?

A: Of course! You can collect anything you see in the world by click + dragging it to your inventory tab. Collect anything you like. You can build with objects you find by dragging them back from your inventory into the world - don't worry! You won't lose them! Once an item is in your inventory it remains there until you delete it by using Crtl + Click.

Q: Is it OK if I recreate my favorite Video Game character/level here?

A: No, that's not OK. We all have to respect Copyright laws to ensure Manyland has a safe and sustainable future. Instead of copying other Games, try creating your own original characters and places. That way we can create the Heroes, Villains, and Locations of the Manyland World together! To see more about the terms please go to

Q: Can I create things outside of the game in another creation tool and import it?

A: No, but rarely is there reason to. The format is very small (19x19 pixels for basic blocks) and there are tools that emulate an HSB slider and other tools in game.

Q: How can I tell who made or placed an object?

A: If you right click a block it will show who created it, and who placed it. Clicking the name will bring up that user's profile. You can upvote players whose creations you enjoy by clicking the thumbs up icon on their profile.

Q: How do I edit objects I've already created?

A: Drag it onto the Create button. You can also make duplicate copies of an item this way or change the item type.

Q: My inventory is getting too full, and it's hard to find stuff.

A: That isn't a question, but, the third inventory tab has a search box that you can use to find items from both your Creation and Collection tabs. You can search by name or item type.

Q: I made an Ox and I can't find it using the search tab, why not?

A: The Search tab needs at least three letters to look for. In the future, use at least three letters when naming your creations for easy searching like Blue Ox or Red Ox. You can also try searching by type.

Q: What are the rules about deleting objects in the world?

A: Enjoy other players' creations when they're good, and improve them when they're not. If you find areas filled with spam (large quantities of objects with no apparent design or purpose) feel free to delete. You can delete by Crtl + clicking an object. When you delete an object that has been there a while, it leaves a trail of "dust" behind. You can then right-click the dust and it will show what object has been deleted, and who deleted it. Use common sense when determining if something needs to be deleted. If you're unsure, leave it alone.

Q: I found an offensive object, what do I do?

A: If the object is only mildly offensive, just delete it. If it's really offensive, right click and see who placed it, then you can (if you want, its your decision) report the user (flag) and delete the object. If it's really, really offensive, right click the object and then click the white flag icon to alert a developer.

Q: Can I build wherever I want?

A: In a manner of speaking, yes! Always be respectful of other players' creations and space. Everything you see in the world has been hand placed by another player. That field you're building on was made by another player, and that patch of earth you are tunneling through was also made by another player. The terrain isn't automatically generated by the server. It would be impolite to build directly on top (or inside of) another player's creations - it would be better to move a little bit away in any direction and then build next to it. Space is limitless so there is enough room for everyone to build.

Q: How do I take a snapshot?

A: Press F4 or use the bottom left menu. You can access your snapshots in-game by pressing F2 or clicking yourself. Once you've taken a snapshot you can teleport back to that location instantly. Just double click the snapshot to teleport!

Q: Can I teleport to someone else's snapshot?

A: No, but you can get directions to that location by clicking the Icon of the person and the arrow on top of the image. The directions will only show up if you are in the same area and ring as the location in the image.

Q: Is Third City an official name?

A: No. Over time the community may name the Areas differently (for instance, Green Mountain) as the game evolves and each city takes on its own identity and personality. "City" is also misleading, as they may grow large enough to be known as Second Continent, Third Continent.

Q: Every time I try to create a block the failwhale comes up, how do I fix this?Edit

A: Do not worry. Your creation is saved in a cookie so when you go to the create menu, its back up again! If it still continues to give you failwhales, email the devs at:

Q: How do you know what rank you are on? Edit

A: Right now, the only way you can tell is if you have spawn edits at any one of the areas. There used to be a green ring that appeared to the left of your name, but they removed it. Before THAT they had a hand that showed what number rank you were. As far as we know, there's only two ranks (rank 0 & 5.) Just don't worry about rank and wether or not you have ring rank and have fun!

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