Interacting (Interactive) types are a medium (29 x 29) object that the player can allow to do a variety of different things. Being a very simple object that can be modified and worked on to become a very advanced NPC, scoreboard, or even can be used to make a working store with currency and products.


When making an interacting, click or tap the button with three lines on it to open a black box, typing text here allows you to alter what the interacting says or does.

(Note: The words "Keyword" and "Possession" are meant to be filled in by the name of a keyword or possession)

Text Function
Text Once "Space" is pressed, the interacting will say whatever you entered.
Text (Enter/Return twice) text Once "Space" is pressed, the interacting will say one of the things you entered.
Text (Double Spacebar) Text Once "Space" is pressed, the interacting will say the first group of text, return, then say the rest of the message.
Hears Keyword: text If you say the keyword, the interacting will respond with what text entered after the colon.
/Is or isn't keyword Toggles state of the interacting based on the keyword you entered
Is or isn't keyword: The interacting does the next action, so long as it is or isn't in the state of that keyword.
/Gives possession The interacting will give the player a possession with that name.
Gets possession: When the interacting receives a possession with the name entered, it will do what is after the colon.


In the button with the three boxes off to the side allows for you to select a possession for the interacting to have, this is used in some commands like the "/Gives" command


  • Interacting types are one of the most advanced types in Manyland, and take a while to learn, so don't get frustrated if you need to keep coming back here.