kentyson is the oldest player yet with 900+ and started in 2012!

he had his old account till 2015 and made a new one for some reasons

yet he wasn't a ring rank , he was a normal player until he got banned by a hacker explorer that wasn't login

from that day he been making new accs and etc until 2016 the ring ranker k. banned kentyson and recreate his skin which gave k. a copyrights and also get k. banned too for banning ppl for no reason

before k even get banned ken and 50+ people and with his 20+ acc were trying to ban k and there was even ring rankers in the group he been a big deal but they did it they banned k. and their work paid off!

but there is a other ring ranker zorrie who is always hunt for ken and okra always hunt for ken

i would say this story was kinda stupid but thats not it

when ken was done ....

there was words saying hjalp in Swedish means help

there is also files txt on few peoples desktop says hjalp

that contains gibberish, which i eventually find out is hexadecimal coding

ken writes more codes on a sign

i later find out that this code, and the other are to be combined to create a message

the message says : i am here i am alive i am in pain help (repeatedly)

is this a prank? or does he needs help in some other way?

as the time goes on my sighting get a lot worse. manyland crashes are a lot more corrupt

when my house was gone i crash and i was in the pixed black skin and whats more ken was there and started talking

in this conversation, he mentions many things, few are he was trapped in the game and can't escape

he has seen other videos of himself and thinks they are fake he is shown to be evil in those videos but claims to be a good person

ken is good?

he told me to spread the message that his real and stuck in manyland somehow

to this day i am still confused how can someone can be stuck in a game

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