Manyday was a monthly event that would take place in the Inner Ring every 19th of the month, during the early years of Manyland . This is because blocks on Manyland are 19x19 pixels.

The events eventually stopped occuring over time, but the tradition was revived in April 2015 with the creation of the area "Manyday" and the Manyday event themed "Under the Sea" that took place the 19th of that month. Events of a different theme occured this and every month after this event between Between April 2015 and March 2016, all as a subarea of the area, and included creation or story contests that opened some time before the event, and competitive events in the area such as races. Each event often took place two times, morning and evening Manyland Time.

As 2016 aged, motivation decreased, and most events often either didn't happen, or happened, but with far less complexity/preparation. No Manyday events happened in 2017, although some were attempted with no turnout, and it continues to not occur in 2018.