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The Game Edit

Manyland is an MMO-Sandbox style game where players (Manyzens) create their own objects, while also being able to build and share what others have made!

In Manyland, you may explore player-created areas, play mini-games, and make friends and much more.

Creating Edit

Unlike most 2-D sandbox games, Manyland allows for players to create their own blocks in a simple, easy to use way. Players can create their own solid blocks, liquids, NPCs and lots of other thing types. Using these types and more, players have created games, hangouts, and adventures, all having different and exciting mechanics you can try out.

I like to think of it as an open universe that includes chat, games, exploring, building, friends, drawing, stories, scripting, composing, and anything you can come up with an invent... Including your own meaning for it all. A sandbox world seems distinct from games in that it doesn't have a score, predefined goals, enemies, & artificial challenges, or plot lines to follow. What happens when all such challenges and goals are removed, when nothing is predefined? Each of us gives very different answers in Manyland every day, which is also very enjoyable and enlightening! So perhaps every definition of Manyland is correct at all times... and it's what all of us think it to be, want it to be, and make it to be.
— Philipp 2016
Somewhere in infinity..01:25

Somewhere in infinity...

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