Philipp Lenssen (or simply "Philipp" or "Phil") is a full-time game and site developer, and is the main co-creator for both Manyland and Anyland, along with Scott Lowe.


Philipp was born in 1977, in Stuttgart, Germany, having also lived in China and elsewhere besides Germany. Some of his hobbies include writing; reading; reporting; programming; game, application and site creation; blogging; design and drawing.

Project Glossary

Besides Manyland and Anyland, Philipp has worked on multiple simple mobile and desktop applications and sites, as well as blogs such as Google Blogoscoped and author and/or editor of books such as Graphic Adventures , Google Apps Hacks and 55 Ways to Have Fun with Google. Other game projects Philipp has done include Colorverse and AScript, the latter of which was a tile/scrolling-based adventure game creation program made in 1997 which would later be used as the main inspiration for Manyland, and consequentially Anyland. Philipp also co-developed the Watch to Learn Chinese ,Bomomo , Sketchcast (discontinued) and Sketchory (discontinued) sites with Yinxue, Nikolai Kordulla, Patrick Gavin & Richard Ziade and Nikolai Kordulla & Dominik Schmid, respectively.