Rank is a system that differentiates players based on their actions, contributions, and time spent in the world. It was initially a feature limiting players' creations by unlocking object types as they progressed in rank, but that system was changed because of player-created areas. There is no longer a need to limit the creation potential of anyone; the only limits are on object placement.

Banned (X) Edit

When a player gets too many flags, they first receive a warning; if additional flags are received, they get "softbanned" and show up as rank X. This means that they cannot be heard by other players, as their text simply shows up as dots. It also means they cannot edit the world in any way. And while the player is banned, the skin automatically reverts to a small explorer. They can, though, still explore worlds.

This ban usually lifts after a 24 hour time period the first time. However, a second ban can be longer than a month and could possibly result in being locked out, depending on the severity of the offence.

If one realizes the error in their actions and wants to repent, the official support page contains further information.

The only ban that does not follow this rule is for being under the age of 13. If the age is mentioned by the player, they are banned as if their birthday was that day, and until they are 13, for example, if someone says "I'm 11", and they are reported for that, they are banned for two years.

Normal RankEdit

The "Normal" rank is the rank at which players start: you can enjoy the full game with it, but there are limitations on certain aspects of the game, such as editing spawn points (less than 100 blocks from the center), placing "dangerous" items (such as Deadlies) on the Main Areas or public Created Areas, and deleting placements by ring ranks beyond 300 blocks from the center.

Ring RankEdit

Ring Rankers can activate the Ring Portals to access the Inner Ring, and are able to edit the surroundings (5 to 100 blocks) of the Ring Portal in Main Areas. They can also Area Lock (kick) new accounts from the Main Areas (for a maximum of 15 minutes), making them somewhat of a moderator. They are not able to lock players out of Areas 1-8 permanently, as this would be overpowering.

They are able to get to the Inner Ring (the green rings seen in the Outer Rings, aka Areas 1-8).

However, only one Ring Ranker can't ban someone else, and it's via everyone's votes (upvotes and flags) that our community self-maintains. Ring Carrers/Rankers are not hand picked and are not normally meeting with the developers. Ring rank is automated by a system that uses unknown criteria to pick rings, and it has been know to go out of whack and pick the wrong people.

As Ring Rank  has been removed, the ability to access the Inner Ring and edit near the center of the Ring Portal in Main Areas are most likely now known as "Spawn Editors". As the uprank test has been removed, it is unsure how the ability to Spawn Edit will be achieved.

Myths Edit

A common myth associated with Ring Carrers/Rankers is the Pets perk, which allows them to make pets, which are not like the dynamic ones, but can learn tricks, and can bark and such.THIS DOES NOT EXIST!! There are comments related to it, but it has either been removed or just simply was never implemented to the game. Ignore all comments about it, they are referring to the "Pets Perk" myth.

Others myths claim of Rings being able to hand out edits in center, and to make ring portals.

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