The old Uprank Certificate

Rank 5, otherwise known as a Spawn Editor or Ring Rank (Ring Symbol) is the highest player rank available (the developers are Rank 10). They have extra abilities that Manyzens of ranks 1 to 4 do not have.


Here are some of the abilities that Rank 5 Manyzens have:

  • Creating Medium types.
  • Creating Open Edits areas.
  • Permanent placements beyond 300 Manymeter in Open Edits areas.
  • Placements inside the Inner Ring.
  • Area-locking Manyzens and Explorers of Ranks 0-2.
  • Ability to edit within 100 Manymeter of Open Edits areas.
  • Higher amount of flag power.


To be revised No one really knows the requirements for sure (however, it is assumed that the backers of Manyland know what they are, especially Philipp per se), but here's some good advice.

  • Please be as creative as you can! Make a lot of things (I suggest almost everything possible), and make sure not to clone a lot as well as making original ideas rather than copying things off the Internet or making copyrighted characters.
  • Be as respectful as you can of other Manyzens. If someone else is being disrespectful, do what you can to make them stop (just reporting them works too).
  • Don't place blocks everywhere recklessly without any design in mind. Blocks just placed mindlessly isn't nice-looking, and one really likes them.
  • Get as many applauses as you can. For example, when you click on someone's profile and press the hands pressed together, you'll clap for them. Apparently, the more you get, it'll raise your chances of achieving Ring Rank. But it is also preferable to not receive applauses repeatedly from the same person, as it has generally no effect.
  • Once you get Ring Rank, please continue to be respectful. No one likes a rude behaviour (which is something I've come across one too many times, including one Ring Rank).

The Uprank Test


The uprank test questions

The Uprank Test no longer exists, but players were given the notice to take the test, and upon doing so they received some A or B questions. Answering all the questions correctly meant being rewarded with Ring Rank.

Nowadays, players are only given a notice saying they can now edit in spawn areas.