S-MAX or Space MAX is an Manyland player.

He created many areas from:

-Starbyte (fun)

-Invest (Game)

-Curiosity (Puzzle)

-Epsilium (Big-scale Puzzle, somehow)

-Verdana (Game, story, not related to The Blindscape)

-The Blindscape (game, story, related to Verdana)

These areas are created in 5-10 days

The upcoming areas by Space MAX will be:

-Eversince (Adventure, RPG)


Q:What does your name mean (O_O) S-max? What does it mean?

A:The name S-MAX is an short version of Space MAX, Space MAX is my favorite game, Space MAX was an game in 1992 and was created by Starbyte Software, and was archived in 2014;

It fully means: Space Materials Processing Astrophysics Experimental , Space M+A+X

Q:Does your name is related to "MAX"?

A:MAX is in reality M+A+X, and as said above, Materials Processing Astrophysics Experimental

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