A Solid object is an Object Type that, as the name suggests, is solid. The player is not able to pass through these objects, making them useful for floors, walls, and roofs.

Solid types have the following attributes:

  • Behind (sets the z-index to -1, meaning things overlay the solid).
  • Auto-filled (allows backs to fill behind the solid, providing there are parts of the block not filled in).
  • Clonable (players can edit this).


One-Way types are only passable through one-way, and are solid from the other side, as the name also suggests. Most platforms in the game are one-way as it makes it easy to climb in areas.


  • In front (sets the z-index to 1, meaning things are behind the one-way).
  • Clonable (players can edit this).


Sticky types stick the player to the block, making the player unable to jump and slow to move. The only attribute is Clonable.