Stockpile Spawn

Find boy, girl, animal costumes and more.

Stockpile is an area where bodies, mountablesholdables, solids, climbables, backs, and wearables are stockpiled into individual towers to the right of the spawn. Its purpose is to make it easy to find creations quickly. The body tower is by far the largest, scaling up to well over 1,350 floors (as of January 2018).

The area has a writable - Stockpile Mail - where users submit creations that they wish to be added to the area's collection. Editors of the area decide whether or not to add creations they see in the mailbox to the appropriate tower.

To the left of the spawn is the hangout section of the area - Le cafe.


  • In the past, Stockpile had an anti-curse system that teleported users to temporary timeout. The system was removed December 2017.
  • Stockpile infamously has many, many, editors, making it common in this area for newbies and younger players to beg for editorship.

Stockpile Spawn

The spawn of stockpile, with the creation towers to the right, and the hangout section, Le Cafe, to the left

Full Stockpile Map

A full map of Stockpile