Textuals are a way of showing text and creating forum-type platforms. There are two sub-types (readable and writable).


Readables show text which isn't editable once created. They can be used to leave notes to other players, or show directions.


Writables create forum-like (so-called "boards") that players who have permissions can write posts and comments on, or share items.

Writable Permissions

Writables are tied to the areas they are created in, meaning they must be created in a place you are an editor in, in order to moderate the writable. Older writables are not tied to areas and therefore have no moderation.


There are four levels of limitations for non-editor users. Most boards tend to have either the first or second choice selected, while private boards tend to have the last option selected.

Making a post

To make a post (otherwise known as a thread) on a writable, you click the triangle on the top right of the post (if you have the permissions to do so). You must have a title and a body.


  • You can add items by clicking the + button, and selecting an item from your inventory or from the area you're in. They will appear as [1], [2], etc. but they will show up when posted. You can add up to 50 items at once.
  • Surrounding a word or phrase with underscores (_) will make it show in italics while surrounding it with two asterisks (**) will make it show in bold. Two tildes (~~) will create an underscore, and two circumflexes (^^) will make it less emphasised.
  • Writing a date in that format will make a calendar button appear on the top right. This is helpful for scheduling events.
  • The words: more, show, and spoiler are collapsible, and hide text that you may want to have a warning next to. Location URLs (for example, will generate a finder when clicked.
  • Four spaces followed by text brings up monospace font which is useful when sharing Interacting code, or Happenings.
  • Links from Soundcloud, Imgur, YouTube, Twitch, Manyland Snapshots, and Vine all either embed or offer some sort of functionality.