Green Mountain Argument

The thread


The green mountain feud was a 3 day period, August 10th-August 13th, of groups of users changing Green Mountain around and arguments over it on the board. In the end, on the 13th, some others quickly changed it back to Green Mountain, and the argument threads were locked by Philipp.


About a week before the feud, some Ring Ranks believed that Green Mountain was getting old, and wanted to change it to something new. A group of users suggested changing Green Mountain to "Purple Lagoon", but only after carefully checking whether people would mind change, offering to change their plans when people were a bit unsure of the color, and being respectful of Manyland.

The Kickstarter: Purple Lagoon

Royal521 started a thread mentioning the change of Green Mountain to Purple Lagoon. Lots of board using players saw this is a spark of the Green Mountain feud. Yet, unlike the surprising Moon and Candy mountains, Purple lagoon was very carefully made sure a majority of who replied were mostly in favor. After a bit of voting, "Lagoon Test" was made to see how people liked the idea, even Phillip became interested.

Most who disliked it said it was too bright or it had too little shading, things that made sense, the blocks being a bright hue of purple and very little shading added to them.

The Building

Purple Lagoon was built with the simple blocks, after moon and candy mountain (The creators of moon mountain said theirs was first, yet, people chimed in saying "Purple Lagoon was on boards weeks before you build moon mountain!") But the blocks were still darker and slightly reworked. Soon, some people changed the name of it to Portal Lagoon, due to the fact one of the eight ring portals was located there.

The changing to more shaded "Blue Lagoon blocks", were created, but quickly change to "Parpul Sund" (Purple Sand), a well shaded block of Purple Lagoon.


During the "Blue Phase", some people claimed blue was a color used by a terrorist group, and shouldn't be the color of the new lagoon. Still, even with purple, there was controversy. "Some people even said changing this meant I had 'mental issues' or just simply hated me for it.", says Royal.

Soon, players named "Protestors", "Where's the shading", or during the Blue Phase, "Where's the purple", were mostly controlled by a small amount of people using the same device. Some signs were even made saying "Save Green Mountain", or putting an X over the blue/purple sand blocks.

The end

After being mostly mobbed by players, Royal hosted a final poll on the misc board, with a dominant vote of no, causing Royal and others to change the mountain back to it's green state.

Why the hate?

  • Some said it was "Too bright"
  • Some hated purple, and wanted a more neutral color
  • Humans are not used and normally don't like change, so the opposition was very powerful.

The first change: Lost Moon

Around 9:00 MT on the 10th of August, another group of users, by surprise and without asking around, changed Green Mountain to a white recolor of grass they made in a private area, and called it "The Lost Moon".

After the change, a lot of Manyzens were angry for different reasons

  • This was done without warning by a group who imposed a change
  • It wasn't anything new other than a cloned recolor of the mountains grass, with the same trees, platforms, textures, and vines
  • They thought it looked ugly, and didn't even look like a moon. Most thought it was winter/snow
  • It was too bright for their eyes
  • They believed they lost the Green Mountain that was there for days

Reaction and board arguments

Right after the sudden change, a thread was made by Skittle, titled "BREAKING NEWS: ARMY OF BIRDS POOP ALL OVER GREEN MOUNTAIN!", implying that the Mountain looks like it got pooped on by birds (Bird poop is white), which angered the users who changed the Mountain, especially because it got people to call the mountain "Poop mountain". The thread turned into a long argument. Some other threads contained arguments about the mountain as well

The group made it a bit darker using the Hue tool hours later, but it didn't calm the arguments down

The 2nd change: Candy Mountain

Another group of users changed the Mountain to a pink recolor called "Candy Mountain" early on the 13th of August, which resulted in the same as the first change, arguments.

The final change: Back to Green Mountain

Around noon of the 13th, a group of ring rankers quickly changed the mountain back to the original Green Mountain, and afterwards, Philipp locked the argument threads.