Please make sure the user you post on this thread is relevant, and not some random friend of yours who is just a ring ranker, please elaborate on the player, and make sure they did some unique things.

Alius Edit

About Edit

Alius is an alien who can transform into different forms like a lightbulb and a box. This is why his name changes. Alius is a kind manyzen who likes to talk on the boards and make dynamics for his own bodies. He is currently Rank 5 and owns the areas: howtojump, Parkour Tower , and Alchemy .

Philipp Edit

Philipp Lenssen (Phil) is one of the two creators of Manyland. He has the powers of all ranks and is able to ban others. He is very active in game, and can be seen in his areas, at Manyday, and sometimes in the spawn areas. Phil also uses the boards often, and will reply to some relevant comments and threads.

Phil and Scott are the only players able to create a Ring Portal.

Royal521 Edit

Green Mountain Feud Edit

Royal521 was highly involved in the Green Mountain feud. He was the player who began the purple lagoon idea, and also the one to create the beta lagoon. Some of the main people siding with him said that "The lagoon idea was tested and polled", and "At least the players working on the lagoon made sure everyone would like the idea". Most people on the side of "Lost moon" said "They kept it looking like green mountain". 

After the feud was over, everyone agreed in a final poll on the boards, to change the lagoon back to green mountain, for all to enjoy. 

High points in three Edit

The Moon Edit

Royal521 and his friend, Shieldy, posted on the boards their adventure to 200,000 blocks upward from center, the highest point from Green Mountain. There, Shieldy built the moon, which became a milestone reached only by a small group of around 5 players. Shieldy has said that he is currently taken a break from the flying, and it is unknown if anyone has gone much higher than the moon. (Probably someone did.)

123,456 Edit

Shieldy made it to 123,456 first, even though Royal made a monument around it. Not many have made it there, just like the moon. It does surpass the airlevator.

111,111 Edit

111,111 temple was the monument made by Shieldy and Q. Many have made it there, but still getting there is a great honor. Royal played no part in building the temple, but after flying past there, he met up with Shieldy and went to the moon.


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